"You'll shoot your eye out!"


"You'll shoot your eye out!"  We've all heard it time and time again.  It conjures up images of Ralphie and his Red Rider BB Gun, but just what are the chances of an eye injury from a toy?  Well, it turn out Ralphie's mother had good cause to be concerned.  In 2015, the Consumer Product Safety Commision reported 254, 200 toy related E.R. visits in the United States alone.  Of those visits,  45% involved injuries to the head, face or eyes.   So what should we buy our kids for Christmas?

The Vision Therapy Center, Inc has compiled their annual list of optometrist approved gifts.   On the list, you can find 107 different toys that foster a child's vision development as well as an explanation of how each toy can improve your child's visual function.  So leave the Red Rider BB Guns at the store and check out this excellent list of alternatives.  The complete list can be viewed at  http://www.thevisiontherapycenter.com/discovering-vision-therapy/optometrist-approved-gift-list